Wildly feminine,
ethically made jewellery

Photo: Aisha Pegley

A symbol of abundance, femininity & power

A symbol of abundance, femininity, beauty and power, the Coco de Mer is the inspiration for all Lovenut London’s designs.

About Lovenut

Ethical heirlooms

Beautiful from the inside out, all Lovenut London Jewellery is handcrafted by Danielle in the London workshop using responsibly sourced and recycled gold and silver, a mixture of modern and traditional techniques such as wax casting, making every piece unique and one of a kind.

Fairmined gold

Fairmined gold  helps to positively change the culture allowing you to use your economic power to benefit the most responsible small scale mining operations.


Moving away from unattainable low pricing and mining and unethical product, and towards a way of buying which encourages producers to be empowered.