Lovenut London is a womxn led, modern jewellery brand

Lovenut is inspired by the British Seychellois heritage of founding designer Danielle Allagain.

Danielle's pieces reflect a unification of influences and experiences. ‘Lovenut’ is a slang word for the Coco de Mer, a magical seed, believed to be an aphrodisiac and found only in the Seychelles islands. Lovenut London aims to support and nurture womxn's creative talent through collaboration and employment. Lovenut London particularly welcomes and promotes talented womxn of colour.

Coco de Mer

The Coco de Mer is the inspiration for all Lovenut London’s designs. Magnetism - divine feminine - creation - intuition - sensuality - abundance - knowledge. Coco de Mer is a rare and protected species. It is found only in the Seychelles islands. The fruit of this female seed is a luscious, custard like consistency,  used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Coco de Mer was regarded as the tree of knowledge, good and evil , darkness and light.

Danielle Allagain

Danielle is the Creative Director and Founder of Lovenut London.

Born in Bow, grew up in Peckham, lived in Mahé, Rio and Paris, initially studying Philosophy and Politics Danielle went back to school to study jewellery manufacture and design. After receiving her training at the British Academy of Jewellery, Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter, Danielle started Lovenut London.

Her previous background is in museum events, curation and education. She's passionate about learning and is a recent Bad Girls: Race and Gender in Popular Culture and Rhythm Race and Revolution alum - both taught by the warm and erudite Aditi Jaganathan :) She is currently studying horticulture, loves music, the ocean and is an Aqua sun and Cancer rising.

Lovenut London believes in a fair price for goods.


Moving away from unattainable low pricing and unethical mining, towards a way of buying which encourages a change in culture and industry, paying a real, reasonable price for real intentionally created jewellery.

We respect the countless amount of work jobs and people that have gone into making our jewellery.

Recycled gold

All the design materials used in this process responsibly sourced and intended to help support the UK artisan industry; the jewellery is made locally and all packaging aims to be recyclable/recycled.

Recycled gold is a way to limit environmental destruction. Reusing gold rather than mining new gold helps reduce the environmental impact.

Recycled gold is often collated from a variety of sources, including existing jewellery, scrap metal waste, electronic components and industrial use metals.

Fairmined gold helps to positively change the culture, allowing you to use your economic power to benefit those around you.

Fairmined gold

Fairmined gold pays a premium price above the standard market price. This premium goes directly to the community grow, for example building schools, supporting local women jewellers and responsible social and environmental practices. Fairmined gold had no links to conflict situations and has a transparent supply chain.

  • No child labour
  • No gender inequality
  • No contribution to armed conflicts
  • No environmentally unsound practices
  • Transparent supply chains