Made from 18ct Fairmined gold



Fairmined gold

Fairmined gold  helps to positively change the culture allowing you to use your economic power to benefit the most responsible small scale mining operations.

About the designer

After receiving her training at the British Academy of Jewellery, Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter, Danielle started Lovenut London.


I met Nafkote when I was living in Paris almost ten years ago.

We met at a brunch, (not really my thing, but I was alone in the city and trying to make new friends). I wanted to make friends with her almost immediately, (I think she was sensibly/skeptically sizing me up). I asked her if she wanted to get an apartment together and she said yes.  We quickly became family and Naf is possibly the smartest person I know, determined, full of energy and definitely not funnier than me. She loves cheese and is a published author. Nafkote is a Gemini.

How do I find my correct ring size?

We suggest you go to a reputable jeweler and have them size your finger properly – do not use plastic or at-home “printable” ring sizers. We also recommend that you have your fingers measured a few different times in order to get an average. If you have worn rings before, you will probably know that your hands change size with the heat or time of day. Please take this into account when finalizing your size.